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Fashion, portrait and Commercial photography

As an admirer of classic art, cinema and dance, Johan Jansson creates artistic images with a strong emotional narrative that builds a meaningful bond between the viewer and the subject. Regardless whether the final photograph is an original portrait for personal or business use or to elevate and differentiate the status of a luxury fashion brand, Jansson’s photography combined expertise in Photography and Graphic Design allows us to deliver high-quality images that are built on a rich visual history.

Published on platforms and magazines like Vogue Italia, Kaltblut, Vulkan magazine, Fashionshift magazine, Obvious Mag and many more.

For all information about services and pricing, please call me at +1 514 804 4173 or send me a message using this form. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank you for your interest in my work!

1ere Avenue
Les Effrontés
Fetish Armada
Galerie Rive Nord

OOB Magazine
Fashion Shift Magazine
Obvious Magazine
1968 Magazine
Vulkan Magazine
Elegant Magazine March 2016
Obscurae Magazine
Cover of Fugues February 2016 Couple Issue
Cover of Fugues July 2015 Pride
Salon Magazine March 2015
Spolier Magazine
Cover of Fugues Feb 2015 Couples Special
The Fashionisto
Elegant Magazine Nov 2014
Vogue Italia
Cover of Fugues Oct 2014 Black & Blue Metropolis
Dark Beauty Magazine 2014
Dark Beauty Magazine 2014
Cover of Fugues Feb 2014 Couples Special
Superior Mag 2014
Cover of Fugues Nov 2013 Santé & Beauté
BeautifulMag 2013
Accidental Bear 2013
Fugues 2013

Group: Secret Desires, ARTVStudios, Montreal, Canada

Group: ArtSida, La Galerie, Montreal, Canada

Group: Black Rainbow, Galerie Youn, Montreal, Canada

Group: ArtSida, Galerie Dentaire/MAC, Montreal, Canada
Duo: Naken, Galerie Dentaire, Montreal, Canada
Group: Collection Mini Moi, Galerie Youn, Montreal, Canada

Group: ArtSida, Galerie Dentaire/MAC, Montreal, Canada

Solo: Red, KaVieArt, Montreal, Canada

Solo: Elixia Embodied, Elixia, Munich, Germany